We are located at kilometer 62 on the toll road from Rosarito to Ensenada (about half way between Rosarito and Ensenada near the rest stop) in the state of Baja California  in Mexico.  We have focused on creating relationships with Mexican land owners here in Baja California.  We have been able to locate great properties that have not been previously advertised for sale. We have several beautiful pieces of ocean front property that are available now, or will be in the near future.  We work closely with Mexican Attorneys, Title Companies, Engineers, architects, real estate brokers builders developers and Notaries.  We will make sure someone who knows how to safely complete a transaction has checked all the details for you and that you are well protected. We invest our money in every project.  We can help you buy, sell, subdivide or build.


619-240-8767 U.S. line in Mexico
619-948-8175 U.S. cell phone 
646-128-2827 Ensenada Mexico Line

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